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Kristen Scott Gets Sex Education From Step Daddy

Kristen Scott is a curious teen that wants to learn more about sex. Her step dad is more than willing to show her the ropes. She wants someone to fill her tight teen pussy up with cum, and her step dad is just the man for the job. He promises not to tell her mom and Kristen Scott decides that he’s the man for the job.

Kristen Scott Pornstar

Kristen Scott takes one look at her step dads cock and is instantly wet. She can’t help but put his huge cock in her mouth and suck it with delight. He looks down and admires his sexy step daughters blowjob skills. The two have chemistry and living in the same house sure makes things easier for these two to have a little fun.. just as long as mom doesn’t find out! Kristen Scott bobs up and down on his cock while stripping off her clothes one item at a time.

Kristen Scott blowjob

Kristen Scott sucks his cock before stripping down and bending over. He slides his huge cock deep inside her tight teen pussy and he lets out a moan while she does the same. It takes all his will power not to bust a nut as soon as he slides into her. He somehow manages to sustain fucking this beautiful teen until she’s fully satisfied and cums all over his throbbing cock. His big dick slides deep inside of her wet teen pussy.

Kristen Scott Doggystyle

Kristen Scott takes her step dads cock and loves every minute of it. She promises not to tell mom and he promises that they can fuck again if she wants. Her boyfriend wasn’t giving her the pleasure she deserves and now she’s finally got it. Erupting in an explosive orgasm deep inside of her that leaves her out of breath and dreaming about it for days to cum.

Kristen Scott gets a creampie!

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