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Britney Light Solves Her Problems With Sex

Britney Light is a sexy blond teen with an amazing pair of tits and a cute face to match. Down on her luck, she decides she’s going to stop by this rich person’s house and snag a package she spots on the front porch. Unlucky for her the owners of the house had motion activated alarms and promptly catch her in the act!

Britney Light Pornstar

She’s quick to apologize but he isn’t to impressed. Britney Light suggest maybe she can help him out in some way, to keep the authorities out of it. Much to his suprise she offers to suck his dick. Looking her up and down he can’t deny a decent catch when he pulls one. He suggest they go inside and solve the problem in private. Britney Light gives the best blowjobs.

Problem Solved With A Blowjob

Britney Light Blowjob

Once inside, Britney Lights pulls his pants down and massages his big dick until it’s hard. She proceeds to suck that dick and right her wrongs easily and effectively. He looks down at the blonde teen and admires her ass from above. Her tight blue jean shorts ride up her ass, much like what i’d do with my tounge. Britney Lights gets horny and suggest she’s gonna hafto do a bit of extra work, she wants to get fucked.

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He has no obligation and fucks her good. Pounding her out while her titties jiggle. She’s a sexy blond teen with a banging body that I’d like to watch play the bongos naked. You’d swear she was a pornstar the way she takes the dick! This young teen may be a small cutie, but definately knows how to fuck and get herself out of a sticky situation.

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Britney Light sure can take a dick. Check out her Twitter and follow her for some sexy updates. Drop some comments below and let us know how you would of handled the situation.

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