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Athena Faris FINALLY Fucks Her Boss

Athena Faris is a naughty personal assistant. She’s secretly had a crush on her boss for a long time and was horny enough today to make her move. He can’t help but get horny himself when he sees her in her sexy sundress. He grabs hold of her perfect titties and foreplay ensues, the rest is history..

Athena Faris Pornstar

The two land on the bed and start undressing immediately. He pulls her panties to the side and gives her perfect ass a kiss. Athena Faris smiles and moans in joy. He spreads her legs apart and licks her perfect pussy while her blonde hair falls to the side. She looks down and closes her eyes while he licks her pussy from top to bottom.

Athena Faris giving a slobbery blowjob

Athena Faris Blowjob

He decides he’s done enough work and is ready to get his dick sucked. Her perfect ass falls out the bottom of her sundress while she shoves his big dick in her mouth. He looks down and admires its perfection with delight, which in turn only makes his throbbing cock harder. She gags on his monster dick while deepthroating him best she can. This petite bitch can really work a dick, I’d hire her in a heartbeat!

Athena Faris Fucked

That blowjob made my dick harder than a Citrine crystal. Athena Faris lays on her back and lets him slide up in her wet little box. You can smell the passion in the air as these two fuck each other to orgasm. He admires her cute set of tits as they jiggle to his thrusts. Licking her lips she gives him the fuck me good look and he grabs her leg and pushes his cock deep inside of her pussy. She can feel him in her stomach and lets out a pleasure fueled moan. When he can take it no more he tells her to get on her knees and she obeys, he shoots a fat load of cum on her face and tells her to finish the paper work by closing time.

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You can find more of Athena on her Twitter or Instagram account. She seems like a pretty down to earth girl, thank god, imagine if she was in space. As always, leave a comment you quiet bastards! Talk about this porn video in the comments below!

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