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Anya Olsen Gets Her Tight Little Asshole Gaped

Anya Olsen is a petite babe with a frame fit for photos. Upon finding out her ex lover is coming to town she can’t help but get excited. The two make contact and know from the very beginning fucking was the agenda. She couldn’t help get wet over the thought of his thick pulsating cock stretching her asshole to its maximum potential. She adorns a set of sexy short shorts and prepares to open her door..

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Anya Olsen xxx

It doesn’t take him long to realize he’s standing infront of a beautiful horny goddess that’s interested in one thing: Getting fucked! The two exchange some small talk before they get down to business. They both already know how they like to fuck and she’s ready to suck a mean dick. Anya Olsen is a goddess pornstar with a body to die for and a smile that could melt the ice caps. Her perfect ass gives us drive and motivation! Fuck bitch.. Let me hit it. She pulls his cock out and sucks it like a pro. Slobbering from top to bottom she misses no pleasure points. Wrapping both hands around the gigantic cock she finesses her lips around it one last time before she decides to let him cram that monster dick into her ass. She thinks back to what her friend Sydney Cole told her, stay focused on your goal!

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He’s more than ready, he knows this bitch has a perfect ass. If I could list anything I would want to do right now it would be writing an article about how Anya Olsen is about to take a fat cock in her tight little ass hole. Her perky titties and gorgeous face just add to the picture! I can almost catch an aroma of that fresh pussy smell permeating our web presence. She’s so sexy I could only imagine what a sex scene with her and Riley Reid would be like! World changing!

Like a glove..

Anya Olsen Anal

Anya Olsen handle’s the cock like a pro. He pulls her hips up into the air to get a better angle before he crams his rock hard shaft deep into her anal canal. She can do nothing but moan in pleasure and grab hold the pillow for support. “It hurts so good!” she tells herself. Whatever it is, it’s something I wanna do.

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