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Riley Reid Gives Her Step Daddy A Fathers Day Treat

We all had a minor inclination that the infamous Riley Reid may be a bit of a freak. Our wildest ideations prove to be spot on in this little production. Her step father comes home from a long days work, looking forward to a little down time, but instead is bombarded by his annoying yet sexy step daughter. What comes next though.. Not even him himself could’ve dreamt such a series of events. Riley Reid pulls out a bag that has a present inside that she picked out especially for him. He’s interested, but not overly excitied, to be expected.

Riley Reid clothed

He peers down at the bag curious as to what could be hidden inside, her smirk only adds to his curiousity: What’s his stepdaughter hiding in there? The two make way to the couch where they can get a little closer and talk about each others day. Her pussy gets wet as she sits near her stepfather. Riley Reid has been thinking about gagging on his fat cock for months on end. He finally gets to open his present and to his suprise pulls out a brand new FleshLight. An extremely surprised look takes to his face, while she merely grins and winks in his direction. You can smell the room fill with sexaul tension as the two ponder what to say next.

Pornstar Riley Reid

“I know you’re my stepfather, but I really, really, want your cock inside of me. He puts up a fight for awhile, longer than most could, truth be told. Riley Reids petite frame and perky titties matched with a gorgeous face make it near impossible to deny her approach. Prepared with some lube she applies it with expert marksman precision, never missing her mark. It isn’t long before Riley Reid is bent over fucking her stepfather on the couch, praying to the lord about her mother doesn’t key the door and find herself in a threeway. The pleasure builds in the room, there’s no doubt orgasmic explosions erupt before end breaks.

Riley Reid Fucked

The two enjoy their fathers day surprise, agreeing that more of the like is needed. Boys her age just aren’t hitting the spot sadly enough. Riley Reid loves that fat cock buried deep inside of her until she can barely take it any longer and the gasp of pleasure squeeking out her chatter hole. Look how she rubs her clit while that massive dick is just tossed in and out of her, it’s beautiful. We hope to see more of this fella fucking his stepdaughter.

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